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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

They Get Me

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“For where two or three
have gathered together
in My name,
I am there
in their midst.” 
Matthew 18:20 nasb

Support groups come in all types of packages for all types of people in common situations—weight, grief, alcohol, depression, divorce, cancer, etc. People turn to such groups to find counsel, solace, information, and encouragement to keep pressing forward.

Over the years, I’ve belonged to a few. 

The first being Bible study groups which focused on being a wife and mother. We gleaned the Bible for answers, shared our concerns, prayed for one another, exchanged many hugs, and shed countless tears..

When my husband and I decided to homeschool our two sons, we sought homeschool groups to learn all we could learn, and soaked in the experience of other families' guidance, courage, and strength.

So, when God called me to write, I sought other Christian writers to learn the craft and the business (even though I never thought of it as a business). What I didn’t know was…

Writers often slip away into a solitary life hunkered over a keyboard in a quiet spot letting words flow from their fingers as their mews lead them along the way. It can be an extremely lonely life, and one easily frustrated by real events which interrupt their thoughts, pulls them off course, or brings them to a screeching halt. Alone, they freeze or fall apart. But those who are part of a group will turn to them.

Why? Because like with all groups’ members say,
"They understand me.”

The first time I sat amongst a group of Christian writers, I sat in awe at how safe and accepted I felt even before I knew a single person. Our two commonalities—Christians and called to write for God—was sufficient. I no longer felt alone on the journey.

Currently I belong to a group in Nebraska, am helping grow a new one in Montana, have strong connections with one in Kansas, and have been accepted into the fold of one in Colorado. No matter where they are, whether face-to-face meetings or electronic connections or even how well I know them personally, “they get me.” They know my fears and frustrations. I can call out to them for help and encouragement. They keep me motivated to travel this mostly solitary journey of God’s calling on my life.

I encourage and recommend joining a like-minded, like-needing group. One that is more about personal spiritual growth than attaining a goal…goals are good, but spiritual maturity in attaining them is the key. A good Christian group will cheer you through the struggles, gently correct your mistakes, and encourage you to press onward. They hug. They pray. They cry. And they laugh.

[By the way, not all groups are good fit — even Christian ones. Look around. Check them out. You will know when you found yours.]

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