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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Psalms, Proverbs, Planks, Prose...and a Hail Mary Pass

Happy is the person
    whose sins are forgiven,
    whose wrongs are pardoned.
Happy is the person
    whom the Lord does not consider guilty
    and in whom there is nothing false.” Psalm 32:1-2 ncv

Day 2 of my November challenges has been challenging. Being a Saturday means my husband desires my time and attention, while these challenges require my time and attention, too. However, I did survive and check marks of completion have been applied to each.

I woke early—not because I set out to, but because God stirred my thoughts and my body seemed satisfied with the amount of sleep I received through the night. So, I fulfilled my body and spirit challenges by reading Psalms 2, 32, 62, 92, and 122, plus Proverbs 2, and then did my 30-second plank all before my husband rose for the day.

Writing was where I struggled.

Once my husband rose and the day’s activities began, writing went by the way. My husband actually did his own thing and let me do mine. My plans included doing some much needed sorting and filing of papers which had piled up during our move. And then, my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers football team about gave me a heart attack…ending with a victorious “Hail Mary pass.” Nevertheless, my thoughts never gave way to writing until I realized the sun was setting in the west.

I didn’t exactly write a new devotional, but instead I chose to edit one written months, maybe a year ago. And, now I am blogging!! It feels like I cheated, but writing on weekends is rare for me…as is writing with people around…so, to me this is a success.

Please keep praying for me to keep my commitment tomorrow. Thanks!

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