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"Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father." Matthew 5:16

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life trips me up along this long road

“You were tired out by the length of your road,
Yet you did not say, ‘It is hopeless.’
You found renewed strength, 
Therefore you did not faint.” Isaiah 57:10  nasb

“Father, give me strength to raise my leg and place it on that rock.” I leaned on my trekking pole and willed my foot to step up. “I can do this. Look up, Merrie, look up.” I huffed and puffed, and then raised my body upward one slow step at a time.
I set a goal of five steps without stopping, and made three. “You’re doing fine, Hon,” I heard my patient husband standing at the top of the hill call out. I grimaced. My chest heaved.

Many times over the five days on my first Appalachian Trail adventure, I prayed for strength to take another step.

Today, I press on to continue the necessary steps to reach my goal of setting my life back into proper order.

The obstacles are not steep inclines, but rather clutter stacked here and there—where it doesn’t belong in my house. There are no rocky creeks to maneuver across, but writing deadlines to meet. A balance beam of logs butted together over a bog is no where in sight; instead, I need to balance my life. My legs are not weak, my breathe is not gasping, yet the thought of meeting my goal overwhelms me.

“Lord, give me strength to reach the finish line. Give me courage to keep keeping on.” I set small goals—clean one area of the house at a time, write what I know, and my set daily calorie intake at something truly doable. My flesh is weak and easily distracted. I look up to where God waits patiently at the top of the hill. “You can do it, My child.”

I travel the long road ahead one step at time. Sometimes it may only be three steps instead of my intended five. I stop. I catch my breath and will myself to rise above the obstacles of life.

Some of you have been following my quest to set my life back in proper order, in which I promised to stand accountable. So, here’s a brief report:
  • My office is still partially in the living room and kitchen, but I’m so thrilled to have racks to hang folders in my file cabinet!
  • A project which I expected—relied upon someone else to do—was dropped in my lap, so I will pick it up yet this week to meet the promised July 31st completion date.
  • I walked a total of 10 miles last week, recorded my food intake, and lost about ½ a pound
  • A blog I wrote for Cross River Media will post this Friday—and you’re reading the post for this site.
Me on the A.T. near I-90 in Mass.

Thank you for your prayer support. I have many hills to climb, creeks to cross, and logs to balance along this journey. It is not hopeless. I will not faint.

What long roads do you have to travel this week? What obstacles wear you down? With the Lord’s help you find renewed strength to endure.


  1. Merrie- I Love this post. When we look at the BIG picture we can become overwhelmed. I love that you stated to set small goals. I also lean on the lord for strength and comfort because this world gives us mountains unbearable to climb alone. Thank you for your encouraging words.

    Shalasha- A Loving Lasting Marriage

    1. Thank you Shalasha. Keep climbing one step, one project, one obstacle at a time. God bless you on your journey.


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