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Friday, August 5, 2011

"To Die For" by Sandra Byrd is historical - informative - entertaining

“’…God did not create me to be any man’s plaything…’ Anne stopped and faced me afore taking my hand in her own. ‘God has given me clear instructions on how a man is to treat his wife. I require—and desire—that kind of treatment. I will not back down.’” (from page 126)

I couldn't read this book fast enough; I couldn't read it slow enough. I didn't want to put it down; I didn’t want the story to end. History blended with enough fiction pulled me into Henry the VIII’s court. Life was breathed into names I only knew from history classes. I believe I even heard the swish of beautiful gowns as I watched everyone dance around the ballroom.
Sandra tells the controversial story of Anne Boleyn from the perspective of Anne’s lifelong friend, Meg Wyatt. It begins when two carefree girls ride horses, make pledges, and flirt with boys. Being upper class daughters’ specific etiquette was expected. Their story of friendship grows through trials of good versus evil, betrayal, envy, and abuse. Along the way, they become stronger women in their beliefs of people, marriage, and spiritual matters.
As I read the book,I laughed, wept, and pondered. My heart rejoiced when Meg and Anne rejoiced, and broke when their hearts broke. Then, I would remember, “Much of this really did happen; it’s not just fictional make-believe.”
Despite not wanting to put the book down, I had to stop long enough to brush up on my knowledge of the era. As a lover of history, I appreciated the author’s notes and Q&A section explaining certain historical versus fiction discrepancies. Ms. Byrd’s research and love of the period certainly comes through on the pages of “To Die For.” (A book club discussion page is also included in the back pages.)
Beautifully written. Excellent read.

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[Personal side note: I'm related to one of the personalities in the book!]

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