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Friday, July 29, 2011

"The Ulitmate Guide to the Daniel Fast" by Kristen Feola book review

“I did not eat any tasty food, nor did meat or wine enter my mouth, nor did I use any ointment at all, until the entire three weeks were completed.” Daniel 10:3

Some of you may remember my research for a food processor as I sought several you for recommendations. Well, “The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast” prompted this lazy cook to invest in some new cooking equipment!

It all began at a writers’ conference in November, when I picked up a postcard announcing “The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast.” I had sensed God prompting me to fast and seek His guidance. So, I ordered the Kindle version thinking it would be great to have with me at all times through the 21-day adventure.
I love this book. Definitely, God inspired. It’s a guide for a spiritual fast and a healthy cookbook forever. However, I cannot recommend the electronic version. Trying to skip back and forth between the recipes and devotions so frequently is a nuisance. Now, let me tell you why I highly recommend buying this book.
It is divided by introduction/explanation, daily devotionals, and the foods with meal plans and recipes for breakfast, appetizers/snacks, salads/dressings, soups, vegetables, main dishes, and juices.
As a woman who doesn’t like to cook, but one determined to do the fast correctly, I read Ms. Feola’s thorough yet simple introduction and explanations of scriptural fasting in advance of my January 1st start date. Per the recommendations, I prepared myself body, spirit, and soul—so much so, that when I began the fast I barely noticed the diet changes.
I made a few recipes in advance. Pumpkin-Black Bean soup with Spicy Pumpkin Seeds instead of crackers I found to be yummy. Baked Oatmeal sounded boring, but was easy to make and tasty, especially when warmed in the microwave with almond butter spread on top. Lentil-spinach “meatballs” with some Classic Tomato Sauce over whole-wheat spaghetti shocked the socks off my husband and me, although a bit trickier to make, the recipe makes enough for me to freeze for later use (I often add one to my tossed salad).
The devotionals, although not as spiritually motivating, as I desired, were thought provoking and are an essential ingredient for fasting. Deciding to do a serious spiritual fast is not something to do lightly. It is a serious commitment to draw closer to God through Bible reading and denying oneself of fleshly pleasures. Ms. Feola recommends studying Isaiah 58, and I concur, to look deeply at your motivations for fasting.
Kristen Feola’s “The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast” is an excellent guide for spiritual growth and healthier eating.
Visit Kristen Feola’s website to experience some of the recipes, devotionals, and the story of how the book came to be.
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