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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Moving Back to Normal Not-Normal


Then Jesus said to the man,
 “Stretch out your hand!”
He stretched it out,
and it was restored to normal...
Matthew 12:13 nasb

Me: “I wish life would get back to normal.”

My neighbor: “There is no such thing as normal.”

Me: “Yeah, but I’d just like to get back to a more normal not-normal.”

Yes, I pulled my scripture, Matt. 12:13, out of context a bit, but maybe not. I am praying for God to restore my life to some kind of normal not-normal again.

Normal not-normal to me would be waking up in the morning knowing what I have to do and have the only not-normal be that a friend interrupts my day with a “just wanted to chat” phone call. Or to be delayed due to a traffic jam on my way to the doctor. Or maybe an embarrassing moment, like toilet paper stuck to my foot as I walk down the aisle at church.

I want to have a bit of a boring routine again. I want more blue sky with some partly cloudy days and less tornado-alley-storms which come one after another night after night keeping us huddled in the basement with our flashlights and transistor radios.

Stress and tension, feeling like a push-me-pull-u does not make the best atmosphere for creative writing… or anything creative. Yet, for the last few months while still in the midst of the last storm, the urgency to write swelled in my heart and mind.

Last week, I felt like I made a huge step toward this goal of writing again. Like I put a period at the end of the last sentence of a book. Like the sun broke out and the meteorologist went to bed for the first time in a week or more.

Without going into the details of the last three years, I want to share more about what I sense God is saying to me.

First has been to blog and let anyone who might be a regular reader of this site know that I’m still alive and kicking. Second was to continue pressing forward with a project in the making for at least five years! Along with that goal, I had begun researching the use of Create Space with Amazon (aka self-publishing) after attending a spring writers’ conference.

However, yesterday, the Lord has been impressing on me to write a Christmas short-story… and possibly enter into a contest next week!!

So, I’m jumping back into my more normal not-normal life!

I solicit your prayers and support for me to 
                                  press onward
strain forward
reach upward

toward the goals
God has set before me
                                                           Philippians 3:14

I pray for you to have a normal not-normal blessed day!!

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