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"Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father." Matthew 5:16

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tis the season of Praise and Thanksgiving

O my soul, why be so gloomy and discouraged?
Trust in God!
I shall again praise Him for His wondrous help;
He will make me smile again,
 for He is my God!
Psalm 43:5 tlb

From Hope 4 You, Carole Lewis writes, “Praise and thankfulness are closely intertwined, but are also distinctly different. When I praise someone, I am affirming a truth about who that person is. When I thank a person or am thankful for someone, I am affirming a truth about what the person does. I don’t fully understand why praise has the power to renew hope; I only know that it does.

When we praise God, we are affirming who He is and speaking out loud the qualities that we know are true about Him…”

Praise affirms a truth about who a person is

Thankfulness affirms a truth about what a person does

Who is God? What does He do?

According to Psalm 43:5, The Living Bible version, He is my God and He does wondrous help.

Psalm 42:11 (tlb) in answering the same question of the discouraged soul, says to “Expect God to act! For I know that I shall again have plenty of reasons to praise him for all that he will do. He is my help! He is my God!”

Many years ago, I was taught to pray using the A.C.T.S. method. Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. It took time for me to understand and apply “Adoration” to my prayer life, but oh what a difference it made.

Leaning to speak and pray my adoration of God developed as I plunged head first into a daily reading of the Psalms. King David and the other writers of these songs personify words to adore the Lord God, maker of Heaven and Earth, the Faithful, Trustworthy One…

What words might you use to express accolades of “Adoration and Praise” for who God is during this season of Praise and Thanksgiving?

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