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Friday, January 31, 2014

"Searching for Sanity..." by Lindsey Bell

Instead of pulling her hair out or banging her head against a wall or running outside to scream like some mothers do, Lindsey Bell took the sanity approach. She reached for the scriptures and looked for a better way. Using parents from the Bible—the good, the bad, and the ugly—she gleaned from their actions and God’s preferred reactions to raising kids.

Lindsey Bell is a stay-at-home mother of two little boys, a minister’s wife, chocolate lover, and my friend. A couple of months ago, my sweet friend asked me to be a part of her debut book, “Searching for Sanity: 52 Insights from the Parents of the Bible.” I was thrilled to accept and honored to write an endorsement for her and the book.

My big question is: where was a book like this 35 years ago when I was pulling my hair out, banging my head against the wall, and frightening my neighbors as I ran around the yard screaming? (Well, maybe I wasn’t that bad.)

Along with the weekly devotional stories, Lindsey includes reflections and practical “how-to parent” ideas. She reminds parents of God’s grace and forgiveness when they fall short of perfect parenting…avoiding the hair pulling, head banging, and screaming in the neighborhood route.

After receiving my pre-release copy of the book, she requested I write a review—whether positive or negative—on Amazon. Because I find it to be such a much needed encouragement for parents of all ages, I wanted to share it with my readers here.

Therefore, as a mother of two grown sons and grandmother of two precious jewels, I recommend this book to all sanity-seeking parents (and grandparents wanting to see their grandchildren's parents find sanity and hope). Go to Amazon now to order your copy to keep or give as a gift.

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Lindsey Bell has written for various publications including: Thriving Family Magazine, The Lookout, Christian Standard, Vista, Standard, and The Carthage Press (Mo). Her devotions have been published in Christ in Youth's Anticipate, Experience, and Reflect Mission Trip Devotions and Journal (Standard Publishing 2007) and in Big Dreams From Small Spaces (Group 2012). Lindsey graduated as Valedictorian of Ozark Christian College (Bachelor of Biblical Literature and Psychology) in 2006. She and her husband, Keith, live and minister in Missouri with their two children.

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