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Friday, September 7, 2012

Brain Fog

“…I called to the Lord
I cried out to my God for help.
From his temple he heard my voice;
my call for help reached his ears.”
Psalm 18:6 ncv

“There are times when we are firing on all cylinders, when we feel alert, focused and on the ball and inevitably these times see us being highly productive and creative and achieving a lot.

Then there are the other times, when we feel lethargic, when we can't quite concentrate on anything – when we feel detached and where the world feels like we're viewing it through a thick fog. For this reason the term is described as 'brain fog' and this is something that many of us dread as it means we are destined to be unable to work well and to spend minutes sitting there staring into space and being unable to concentrate…”  from Health Guidance, Brain Fog Causes 

I apologize that this is not inspiring, encouraging, and far from challenging, it’s just where I am today.

Since awaking at 6:00am, I have sat in a fog. It is now noon.

I’ve thought of varies activities to stimulate my brain—reading, watching a movie, going for a walk, housework. thought but no action. My brain is in a state of paralysis. 

The commitment to blog once a week is driving me to simply dump this on my readers. That sounds terrible.

How about this. When writers experience "the block," sometimes the simple act of writing anything—nonsense, weather conditions, anything—will kick the brain in gear. So, again I apologize for no inspiration, encouragement, or challenging words. Or maybe you will be encouraged because you too have sat lost in brain fog. Maybe my nonsensical musings will stimulate you to do something.

Why the fog for me today? Most likely, it’s stress. This week my schedule has been “go, go, go.” My brain is exhausted. When this happens, creativity to write goes down the drain or flies out the window.

From the above website article: “Stress is distracting and leaves us thinking through all of the things that are going on in our lives which of course makes it hard to concentrate on anything else. Likewise if you are experiencing chronic stress then this will overstimulate the brain as it overstimulates the entire nervous system via the release of adrenaline and the resultant increased heart rate. Finally this will cause you to use up more energy and to become run down and tired.”
It goes on to talk about adaptogens, antidepressants, meditation, or calming activities to combat the fog. Since I don’t believe this is caused by my SADD (seasonal depression), I choose to cry out to the Lord for His rest, His peace, and His enabling.

[If it continues longer than a few days, I’ll consider other possible causes. For now, I thank you for listening and for your grace to let me ramble today.]


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