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"Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father." Matthew 5:16

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I fell down

“Everyone has sinned and fallen short of God’s glorious standard” Romans 3:23 ncv

activities,exercises,exercising,fitness,health,healthy,hikes,hiking,leisure,lifestyles,people,persons,seniors,walking,walksLast week, halfway through a two-mile walk, my left foot rolled to the side. I attempted to catch my balance with my right foot. My right arm instinctively reached out to stop my fall, only my hand slid across the gravel.

Why can’t I stop myself? Gravity was winning. The slope of the grade flung my body downward. I watched my cell phone and eyeglasses slide over the pebbles as my knee and other hand hit the hard rough surface.

I fell down.

Get up, Merrie, you’re in the road. Any cars coming around that corner can’t see you because of the tall corn stalks. I scrambled as best my 50-something-year-old body could scramble to get up.
Upon inspection, I found surface cuts on the knee, a small spot on my left hand hurt, but the heel of my right hand said it all. I spit on it and blew on the scrapes. I attempted to wipe away the dirt and tiny stones. “Of all days to not bring a water bottle. Trekking poles and gloves would have been nice, too."

I walked the mile back to my house with my hand upward rather than hanging down at my side. First thing in the house, I filled the sink with soapy water and soaked both hands. With gentle strokes, I cleaned each injured area to remove the dirt and debris, and then applied triple-antibiotic.

After a week, they are tender to the touch, but healing nicely. I walked several times in the days following my fall. It did not deter me from reaching my goals.

Then, yesterday, instead of rolling my foot and loosing my balance, several disappointments twisted my mind. So, I hopped in my car and drove eight miles to relieve my pain with a McDonald’s McFlurry.

During the 12 minute drive, the Holy Spirit offered me a way of escape. I attempted to accept His option and went to the drug store next to McDonald’s. However, like my hand sliding across the hard rough gravel surface, I steered my car into the drive-thru lane.

I fell down.

Upon inspection, I found extra calories to burn. So, I went to the Lord and revealed my weaknesses. He cleansed my wounds with His forgiveness and applied the healing balm of Gilead (soothing oil, ointment, salve to give comfort, relief, solace).

I ate nothing else the rest of the day. I walked three miles this morning. I refuse to let this fall deter me from my goal of setting my life in proper order.
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I got up.

Yes, we all fall down—short of a sinless life. Yet, Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection paid the penalty (Romans 6:23). His grace and faithfulness make a way for forgiveness and cleansing (1 John 1:9). He soothes the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds with His unfailing love (Psalm 147:3), and we get up to press onward toward the goal (Philippians 3:12-14).

I apologize to my regular blog followers because I fell down in keeping up on my posts.

Last week:
-          I walked a total of 11 miles despite my fall
-          I gained weight & inches (less than a pound, and about an inch)
-          Filed & found “homes” more office stuff
-     I wrote, rewrote, edited, revised, and submitted a 2nd entry for “The Benefit Package” being release in September (it was a last minute call)
-         God is good and I’m straining forward to reach the goal  



  1. Good stuff Merrie. As someone who is trying to get back into a walking routine, I am right there with you. We fall down and then get back up again.

    1. Thanks, Lee. Keep walking toward the goal...even taking three steps forward and two steps back, sometimes. God bless.

  2. Falling and getting right back up is apart of growth. In our relationship with the Lord isn't it amazing that he loves us no matter if we fall. Thank you for this great insight and reminding us to reach for the Lord when we fall.


    1. Thanks, Shalasha. Yep, we do serve an awesome, gracious God.


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